Safer Sites, People Protected

Safer Site, People Protected

Every year in the UK there are around 1300 employees hospitalised as a result of forklift truck accidents. That works out to 5 UK workers each workday suffering a life changing injury, be this a fracture, dislocation, amputation or worse. The HSE’s figures on this subject make for grim reading. Not maintaining high safety standards and a safe working environment can have severe legal and financial implications on organisations. Ross Munro – Sales Director for Transmon Engineering Limited writes about what they are doing to try and reduce this figure and ensure that sites using their products are increasing safety and decreasing accidents.

“Here at Transmon Engineering Limited we are always trying to develop new and innovative ways of ensuring that site safety is at a maximum and that people on site are protected at all times. One areas that we have been focusing on recently is that of collision reduction. Recent figures show that each year there are approximately 7 deaths per year as a direct result of a forklift truck, which for us is 7 too many. Pedestrians are particularly at risk and account for 57% of those injured or killed in forklift truck accidents. With the size and power of modern forklift trucks, the FLTA’s #Safetember slogan of ‘You don’t walk away from a forklift accident’ is extremely poignant and is something that as members of the FLTA we are keen to help reduce. We have an ethos here at Transmon: ‘The heart of what we do is simple, improving safety for the world of materials handling’

People Protected

Pedestrian and forklift interaction is an area that Transmon are always receiving enquiries on and the first recommendation is always to keep forklift trucks and pedestrians segregated where possible. However this is not always the case, there are multiple reasons why forklifts and pedestrians are required to work in the same areas. So what can be done to improve safety if this is the case? Transmon have been working with SiteZone Safety Ltd to develop a pedestrian warning system that is not only just a passive warning system but also an active safety system. The system in question utilises an RFID field that can be set from 2-10 metres and this ‘bubble’ detects fobs that are worn by pedestrians and drivers on site, these fobs have a huge battery life of 2 years and are always kept on the person, the fob does not need to be input into the system or placed in a holder. The worker is responsible for this as it becomes part of their site safety PPE: - Boots, Vest, Goggles, and FOB! Transmon takes this system one step further with the ability to offer speed reduction upon detection of a pedestrian to give the driver and pedestrian more time to react, this could be lifesaving if the driver and pedestrian have not noticed each other especially in areas of poor visibility and blind corners.

The SiteZone system also offers GPS vehicle tracking and full cloud based software to help identify job roles most at risk, the reporting capabilities help to identify who is driving vehicles, which pedestrians are being detected and where on site this has occurred. This data is invaluable in assessing overall site safety and keeping people protected.

Safer Sites – Obstacle detection

Transmon has been working on improving and existing market leading obstacle and pedestrian detection system. The system utilises ultrasonic sensors, typically placed at the rear of the vehicle. This 3 stage safety system is highly innovative and unique. Stage 1 warns with flashing lights and an alarm in the cab of the truck when an obstacle is detected between 9-5 metres at the rear of the truck. If that obstacle continues to be seen in a detection range of 5-2 metres then the trucks speed will be reduced which will also trigger a different visual warning. Stage 3 occurs when an obstacle is detected within a 0-2 metre range of the truck, once this occurs the vehicle will come to a controlled stop to prevent a collision taking place. An override button is also fitted to the system that will allow a driver to continue his manoeuvre if safe to do so. The detection zones can be adjusted to suit and multiple sensors can be connected to cover rear vehicle swing as well.

This innovation sees a new era of forklift safety and one that Transmon Engineering Limited hopes will help to reduce accidents and collisions on site. The business is always striving to become the leading provider of forklift safety solutions and cover a range of products from safety lighting through to fleet management. 

 Article Date: October 2018

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