Transmon Opens Your 'Third Eye'

In line with Transmon's commitment to quality, and constantly improving their product range and offerings, the old TransCam system has undergone a Trans-formation, into the new Third Eye system.

The 'third eye' is the invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight, according to various religions and spiritual traditions, and this is very appropriate to a product that allows fleet managers and logistics supervisors the ability to see things they would not normally see - what their drivers get up to when out of sight.

It also gives them the ability to travel in time, by recording and replaying exactly what happened when an incident is reported. This could protect the driver from being incorrectly blamed, protect other operators and staff from similar future incidents, and also protect the company's assets and stock by holding drivers accountable for damage. 

"Dashcams in cars and lorries have become increasingly popular in recent years, in order to protect the driver from being blamed for an incident that wasn't their fault. We believe fork lift and industrial vehicle fleets can benefit from this same technology. It gives an irrefutable, first-hand visual account of the incident, which can be stored easily for the future, and showing what REALLY happened, rather than what other operators may or may not have witnessed. It could also increase the likelihood that incidents will be reported, as the operator reporting it would not have to give a statement against their workmate, which they may not be comfortable with - the camera would do that for them", Bob Warner, Sales Manager for Transmon, explains. 

The Third Eye is available now, please contact the Sales team for more information, or a no obligation quotation.

 Article Date: January 2015

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