Wireless Carriage Mounted Camera
Part no.610-999



Transmon Engineering Ltd now offer a unique driver aide. Our wireless carriage mounted camera enables the driver a true 'fork-eye' vision of the front of the forklift truck. This unique perspective aids drivers by assisting with loading and unloading as well as ensuring the correct fork position when dealing with high level racking and off loading from vehicles. 

The carriage mounted camera attached magnetically to enable easy installation as well as re positioning should you require. This magnetic application also helps to minimize damage if there is an accident. The fork camera sends live feed pictures to a 7 inch colour screen monitor mounted unobtrusively within the forklift cab. The screen is also multi channel which allows the possibility of multiple cameras. The bullet style cameras are slim profile and easy to maintain. 


  • Can be fitted to any vehicle
  • Multiple camera options including night vision and infrared
  • IP69K
  • 45 degree viewing angle
  • 10G anti vibration


  • Increased site safety
  • Reduced impact related damage and resulting cost
  • Improved efficiency
  • Especially recommended for large truck fleets and for companies moving high value goods



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