Bespoke Works from Transmon Engineering Limited - Case File: Pendle Forklifts

Transmon Engineering often get requests from clients to explore innovative ways around problems that they are facing, sometimes issues they have been stuck with for years as have been unable to find a solution to in the marketplace. Pendle Forklift Services were no exception and had a client of theirs with an unusual but all too common problem!

The Problem:

The client had experienced difficulties in ensuring that when manoeuvring extra wide loads on their forklift truck, the correct personnel are present at all times to ensure the highest levels of safety, in this case ensuring that not only the driver but two banksmen were present at all times to assist with safely manoeuvring the extra wide loads around the site.
Pendle Forklift Services put a call in to Transmon Engineering to explain the situation and within 2 weeks from the date of the call, not only was a solution designed, agreed and reached but was also fitted on the truck and was fully operational.

The Solution:

A bespoke solution for forklift truck safety


Transmon Engineering came up with a three-way RFID scan-to-start system. What this meant was that the truck was fitted with three RFID receivers, each one programmed individually to a specific RFID card. One card to be held by the driver, one card to the left side banksman and one card to the right side banksman. The truck will only start if all three personnel have swiped (and therefore registered) their respective RFID cards with the trucks RFID receivers. If all three cards (and therefore personnel) are not present then the truck will not start. This provided the perfect solution to the problem, all delivered and installed within 2 weeks from date on initial enquiry!

Below is a testimonial we received from Pendle Forklift Services:

“Sometime before February 2017 we were approached by a company regarding a specialist truck that required two banksmen to be in attendance at all times when manoeuvring. After contacting Transmon Engineering Ltd they came up with the idea of swipe cards for the two banksmen and the FLT driver, so that the two banksmen had to swipe first, followed by the FLT driver to start the truck. Which made sure that the truck was attended by the two banksmen until keyed off. Having discussed with Steve Coley our requirements, the complete unit was made and installed and works very well. I would highly recommended Transmon Engineering Limited”

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 Article Date: April 2017

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