Pin Code Keypad

Forklift driver
Forklift driver

Increase Site Safety & Security by Limiting Ignition Access to Authorised Operators Only

Designed for all types of forklift trucks, the Transmon Engineering Pin Code Key Pad Access (KPA) is a key pad access interface unit that will only activate the ignition once a valid operator code is entered.

How it works

Internal Combustion Trucks:
A valid operator code is entered on the keypad and the interface unit activates the ignition system. Pressing ‘P’ operates the starter and pressing ‘P’ again stops the engine.

Electric Trucks:
On electric plants, operating the truck push-stop safety switch will turn off the machine.

Key features include:

    • Separate interface unit for security and easy installation
    • Surface mounted – needs no back box
    • Easy to use push button start and stop
    • Can be used with or without vehicle key switch
    • Hardwearing and waterproof stainless steel key pad
    • Over 50 driver codes


  • Access restricted to authorised drivers only
  • Can discourage and prevent theft
  • Suitable for Gas, Diesel and Electric trucks
  • Designed and built in the UK
  • Enhances driver accountability
  • Improves site safety
  • Ideal for inside and outside usage

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