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Increase Site Safety by Enforcing Your Site Speed Limits

Forklift speed is often a factor when accidents occur, so enforcing your site speed limit through fork truck control is a simple way to improve site safety. Transmon’s universal speed limiters are ideal for companies operating single or mixed fleets of materials handling equipment. Our Speed Limiters provide solutions for new and old Diesel, LPG and Battery powered forklifts and mobile plant equipment.

Dynamic Speed Management can take site safety to an even higher level. Radar, RFID, UWB, LiDAR and Ultrasonic sensors are readily available and often used in combination with Transmon’s Adaptive Speed Control systems to provide Dynamic Speed Management.

In doing so, we can manage forklift truck speeds dynamically according to the changing working environments or level of hazard around the facility.

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Forklift Speed Control Key Benefits:

  • Increase Safety Site Safety
  • Enforce Your Site Speed Limit
  • Intelligent Control Systems, No Loss of Power
  • For IC and Battery Powered Material Handling Equipment
  • Dynamically Manage Your Speed According To Conditions

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Speed Safety Zone Solution at Barber’s
Working together with Linde Materials Handling, we provided a Speed Safety Zone solution at their Somerset-based customer’s cheese production facility to ensure their fleet of forklift trucks could operate at a safer, slower speed around pedestrians in their central storage hub.