Our Promise to Quality
Our TE branded products are all designed, tested and manufactured in-house by Transmon Engineering Ltd. 

With a history of excellence in electrical product development, we are proud that our circuit boards are manufactured locally in the UK. Furthermore, they are populated with surface mount components creating a truly robust product which offers our customers a longer service life.

The enclosure that houses our circuitry is custom-made from strong, tough and UV stable ABS plastic. Once the circuitry is inserted into the enclosure, we then ensure that it is filled with resin to fully seal the unit against water and dust particles. This also protects the boards against vibrations and shocks by giving additional support to each of the components found on the board. Connections, indicator LEDs, and any adjustment mechanisms are the only parts left exposed.

Our in-house designed Transmon Engineering wiring harnesses are also manufactured locally. All our harnesses wiring colours and connectors match truck wiring when possible. The harnesses we produce come with a splash-proof housing and tough exterior which protects against abrasion. Additionally we use high quality IP56-rated connectors.

All of our products are specifically designed with the unique stresses of fork lift truck applications in mind. Our products, systems and solutions are therefore never adapted from other purposes to suit a customer’s bespoke requirement. Our promise is to provide our customers with the highest level of safety and value to protect personnel, site structure, goods and material handling equipment. This commitment goes into every unit, system and solution we manufacture and install.


Testing is a vital part of our product development. All of our modules manufactured in the UK by Transmon Engineering undergo rigorous testing procedures at all stages of the production process Only when they achieve the required level of quality, are we happy to apply the “TESTED” Quality Control label. All of our components have a serial number and are logged in line with our ISO procedures. Through this process, each product offers full traceability.

Our Field Engineers are highly competent and are skilled in product development. Additionally they will test all systems on site to ensure that our customers’ needs and expectations are met, every time.