Road Speed Control

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Enhance site safety by limiting forklift truck travel speeds

The new iTEch Road Speed Control helps our customers with forklift truck speeds in the warehouse. We have designed our system to detect if the travel speed of a forklift is above a pre-set speed. If the speed is too high, the system will be activated to slow the truck speed safely. If the truck is travelling below the pre-set speed, lifting of the throttle is not affected.

RSPC1 for ICE powered forklift and mobile plant equipped with mechanical-cable accelerator pedals.

iTEch7 for ICE and Battery powered forklift and mobile plant equipped with Drive-by-Wire accelerator pedals.

How it works

The iTEch Road Speed Control monitors actual road speed and applies engine throttle restriction as required to reach the correct speed.

The system works by detecting if the truck is travelling above a pre-set speed. It will then apply restriction to the throttle to limit the truck speed. As the truck slows, the engine speed limit is removed to allow full power to the hydraulics.

Both systems have up to three different speed settings can be used in many different ways:

  • Above set load – second speed is activated
  • Above set height – second speed is activated
  • Automatic zone change with high speed driver selection
  • Manual select switched with beacon warning high speed
  • Pedestrian alert – speed reduction is activated
  • Building zone breached – speed reduction is activated

The unit can be switched by, for example, the directional selector (giving a slower speed in reverse than forward), a key switch where the Supervisor holds the key, or our iTEch Zone or Proximity Alert systems.

Due to its ability to give a proportional restriction (where if the speed begins to drop, the limit is relaxed gradually), if the forklift truck needs to climb a slope or gradient, the system does not affect the ability of the forklift to do so.

Features of Road Speed Control:

  • Suitable for LPG, Diesel and Battery powered MHE
  • Universal control systems for new and old equipment
  • Low maintenance – designed to be ‘fit and forget’
  • Does not affect lifting or ramp climbing capabilities

Benefits of Road Speed Control

  • Increased site safety
  • Vehicles cannot exceed set speed limit
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced damage and wear to vehicles


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