Forklift Proximity Warning Systems

pedestrian safety
pedestrian safety

Improve site safety by making forklift operators aware of nearby hazards

Forklift trucks are instrumental in everyday warehouse operations and play a vital role in ensuring safety, efficiency and productivity levels are maintained. However, with all forklift truck operations, there is always a risk of collision with pedestrians working in close proximity, as well as damage to stock and building infrastructure.

To avoid such risk of collisions, we offer Active RFID Proximity Alert and Ultra-Wideband solutions which are able to detect personnel and Materials Handling Equipment within pre-determined protection zones around vehicles, machines and hazardous areas.

Proximity Warning Systems – How it works

The Vehicle-based antenna system generates a 360˚ detection zone or bubble around the vehicle, zone sizes can be adjusted to meet the site’s requirements. The robust and field-proven design allows for easy mounting, single antenna options are suitable for most machines, options for more antennas are available for larger equipment.

The Operator Display Unit (ODU) performs a range of functions including alerting the machine operator to zone breaches and controlling authorised approaches. Different ODU options are available dependent upon vehicle type.

Personal Transponder – Tags: Pedestrian Warning transponders are designed to be an integral part of personnel’s PPE. The transponders are available in a range of options including a helmet mounted vibrating version. Tags can provide wearers with vibration and visual alerts, have 3-year or rechargeable batteries.

Vehicle/Building Alarms and Beacons: Alarms and beacons heighten operator and pedestrian awareness when protection zones are breached. Building antennas help to increase doorway, blind spot and congested area safety, activation of beacons, alarms and creep speed take safety to an even higher level.

Key Features

  • Suitable for LPG, Diesel and Electric forklift trucks
  • RFID variant provides full 360 degree detection zone from 1 to 10m around the vehicle
  • UWB variant provides full 360 degree detection zone from 1 to 25m around the vehicle
  • Alerts the forklift driver of an approaching hazard and can work in partnership with another device such as the Transmon Engineering Forklift Speed Control
  • Logs detections – useful for post incident investigations and near misses.


  • Improved site safety
  • Better driver confidence
  • Protection for pedestrians, assets and stock
  • Not affected by bad weather or darkness
  • Can be fitted to any size or type of truck


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