Blue/Red LED Spot Alert

Blue Red LED Spot Alert

Spot Alert Warning Lights – Improve Site Safety

Red / Blue Line Alerts offer enhanced early warning forklift truck visibility with high impact bright blue and/or red spots. This increases site safety for pedestrians and other materials handling vehicle as the spots can be easily seen in advance of the moving forklift truck or other vehicle.

In areas with heavy noise where ear defenders are used, an audible alert alone from a forklift truck could go unnoticed having an impact on pedestrian and forklift operator safety.

How it works

The lights can be mounted anywhere on the forklift truck (or other materials handling vehicles) to create a Red LED perimeter utilising 2 or 3 lights.

The lights offer high light output with low current draw. Multiple units are able to be connected due to the low power demand.

The lamp can also be connected to a PWS (Proximity Warning System) to automatically be triggered on the approach of a pedestrian or vehicle.

Key features include:

    • Visual warning using high impact red or blue spots on the floor
    • Spot beam pattern
    • UV-resistant polycarbonate lens
    • Shock, Vibration and Moisture resistant
    • Universal mount
    • Energy efficient
    • Die-cast aluminium housing provides maximum protection


  • Enhanced truck visibility
  • Reduces the number of pedestrian injuries and damage to other vehicles
  • Improves site safety
  • Ideal for almost any kind of forklift truck and materials handling vehicle
  • Ideal for inside and outside usage

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