Warning Lights

Forklift warning lights

Increase Site Safety with Visual Warning Lights for Pedestrians and Other Drivers

It’s vital to implement safety procedures to prevent injuries in the warehouse or depot environment. Pedestrians and other workers should be kept at a safe distance from an operating forklift or other materials handling equipment. One of the most effective ways to enhance forklift driver and pedestrian site safety is to install a warning light onto a forklift truck which is easily visible to pedestrians.

Transmon’s wide range of high quality warning lights has been developed to enhance site safety. We achieve this by increasing pedestrian awareness of moving hazards around them in the warehouse or depot environment.

Our product range includes solutions for Materials Handling and Crane Equipment offering solutions from blue spot and line lights to projected warning triangle lights.

Our high quality long life warning lights can be fitted to all types of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment.

Warning Lights Benefits:

  • Effective low cost warning solutions
  • Enhanced safety through increased visibility of moving equipment
  • Easily retrofitted to any size of Materials Handling Equipment (MHE)

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