ACAS – Active Collision Avoidance System

ACAS Active Collision Avoidance System
ACAS Active Collision Avoidance System

An all-round solution to forklift safety in the warehouse environment

We design and install advanced collision avoidance driver aids to help our customers increase forklift safety. By installing a range of solutions to forklift trucks we can reduce collisions and the possibility of accidents in the warehouse. They help drivers to carry out their day-to-day tasks more safely by increasing awareness in all the areas they work in such as the warehouse, production and loading yard environments.

At Transmon Engineering we specialise in identifying and deploying the most appropriate Active Collision Avoidance System which is based on the individual application and customer requirements. For example, LiDAR systems are fast and highly accurate, they’re often a good fit for warehouses operating very narrow aisle forklifts. Whereas Ultra-wideband proximity warning systems are more suitable for low level order picking and loading yard environments.

Adaptive Speed and Brake Control can take a Driver Aid to a higher level by dynamically managing the drive speed in relation to the level of hazard around the forklift truck. Transmon has a long history of providing customers with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems by combining sensors with our in-house Speed and Brake Control Systems.

Safety First with Transmon

Our range of advanced driver assistance systems incorporate a number of key safety features to ensure a safe working environment for warehouse operations, production and manufacturing facilities. We also work closely with customer with exterior materials handling requirements from builders merchants to container ports.

Our advanced driver assistance system, ACAS – Active Collision Avoidance System, takes our Active Reversing System and improves upon it further.

Every type of forklift truck and materials handling vehicle has a blind spot; a space surrounding the vehicle the driver can’t see. This can decrease the overall site safety and in return increase the likelihood of an accident. Due to these invisible spaces, vehicles and/or objects can be damaged or people can become involved in an accident, whether that is with a turning forklift or one that is reversing. 

The ACAS solution uses sensors surrounding the vehicle which provide the driver with accurate information about the space behind and to the side of the vehicle. Having this level of visibility significantly increases site safety as well and providing reassurance to the driver of their immediate surroundings.

How it works

The detection system become active when the forklift truck is put into reverse. This allows the driver to reverse as normal. If an object or person is detected in the path of the reversing vehicle that the driver misses or is unable to see due to blind spots, then the system will provide vital assistance. Firstly, the system gives the driver a warning, then secondly, the driver gets further help with steady increase of braking force to the forklift truck until the vehicle comes to a stop. 

If the object or person can be driven safely around in reverse, an override button gives and audible warning and also a reduced speed can be used by the driver. This allows the forklift to continue in reverse. The equipment is designed not to inhibit the use of the OEM braking system and works independently in a way to give ultimate control to the driver.


  • Improved site safety
  • Better driver confidence
  • Protection for pedestrians, assets and stock
  • Not affected by bad weather or darkness
  • Can be fitted to any size or type of truck

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Read the case study

At Forticrete they move thousands of tonnes of concrete products each year. Much of their work involves rough yard duties and is suited to the robust, heavy-lifting power of torque trucks, but critically, they needed the Doosan forklift trucks to have automatic braking when reversing. The sophisticated Transmon pedestrian warning system automatically applies the brakes if a person or obstacle is detected in the path of a reversing vehicle.

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