OC53 Essence Fleet Management Bluetooth

Fleet of forklift trucks
Fleet of forklift trucks

Provides Fleet Management, Usable Software, Driver Access and Impact Monitoring with Additional Compatibility all from one unit!

Working with our partner Powerfleet, the OC53 Fleet Management tool utilises the same housing as the popular OC55 Fleet Management model but has been fitted with Bluetooth communication. It provides real-time information about the fleet, assisting logistics professionals with managing their forklift truck and wider fleet operations more effectively.

How it works

The system communicates via Bluetooth to an App. This App can be downloaded on any Apple iOS 12 or later device and will automatically communicate with the forklift truck when in range (approximate range 100ft).

Utilising a Bluetooth connection means that the Fleet Management system is out-of-the-box ready and requires no IT involvement, thereby making this the ideal solution for smaller fleets or where the WiFi network cannot be used.

Drivers can log in via a manual key code (4 digits), or an RFID fob.


Key features include:

  • Colour LCD display
  • Suitable for Gas, Diesel & Electric Trucks
  • Eliminates keys, increasing security
  • Up to 1,000 drivers with a combination of key codes and RFID fobs
  • Up to 3,000 log memory – oldest entries are overwritten automatically when full
  • Start vehicles with keypad or RFID fob
  • Fully configurable operators check list questions
  • Impact Detection (variable sensitivity and handling options)
  • Recorded events can be filtered, graphed and reported using included software
  • Certain events can be reported instantly via email
  • Automatic driver code expiration – automatic lockout upon reaching retraining date
  • Instant Messaging Service – simple messages can be sent to trucks, and replied to by driver with set responses
  • Automatic data exchange via Bluetooth


  • Drivers can only drive the trucks or equipment they are allowed to
  • Increased site safety and reduced damage from increased accountability
  • Truck usage and utilisation monitoring – increase your efficiency
  • Driver re-training alerts / licence monitoring

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