Every day we hear about another incident involving a forklift truck caused by speeding. The results of these incidents can be disastrous.

Two examples of how a speeding incident may occur:
  1. The driver is driving too fast in an area which does not allow the driver adequate time or distance to stop quickly enough to avoid a collision
  2. Driving too fast causes the truck to become unmanageable around a bend or curve resulting in losing the load or overturning
Both scenarios can cause serious injury or even death.

Several regulatory bodies and safety organisations have published guidelines regarding Safe Speed. Here at Transmon Engineering, being a full member of the FLTA (Fork Lift Truck Association) we are constantly using their resources and we came across this gem: “Fact Sheet 25 – Speed And Fork Lift Trucks”

This is a great tip sheet on why speed limiting should be considered for your site and a basic strategy on how to implement a plan.

You may find Fact Sheet 25 HERE and other valuable information on this and related subjects.

Transmon Engineering is committed to offering a range of solutions to help with safe speed. From simple speed limiting on a truck to limiting speeds by zone. We are here to help improve safety in the world of materials handling.

 Article Date: April 2020

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