Pedestrian Safety Demonstrations Available

Pedestrian Warning System - Truck Demonstration Now Available

Pedestrian safety is paramount on-site. Materials handling equipment and pedestrians are not always a good combination and the mixing of the two has been a headache for Warehouse Managers and Business Owners for many years now. The obvious choice is to completely segregate the two from each other using barrier systems, however this is not always a viable option, so when pedestrians and forklift trucks have to mix and work together what other options are there?

Transmon Engineering Ltd in partnership with Ongrade offer the Pedestrian Warning System (or PWS for short) The system operates by installing a 'truck module' on to your fork truck or materials handling equipment. This module creates an active and protective 'bubble' around the vehicle (which has a radius of up to 10 metres!)  

Each pedestrian that potentially can come into contact with the forklift truck or materials handling equipment is issued with a 'fob' (which comes with an impressive 2 year warranty) When a 'fob' which is being worn enters or penetrates the 'bubble' the driver and pedestrian are alerted. The way in which they are alerted is customisable by you!

You can choose from one , two or all of the following:

  • OUR NEWEST FEATURE- SLOW & STOP:- This is our newest feature available, with the addition of the slow and stop we have the ability, that once a fob enters the bubble the truck will slow to a controlled stop in a short distance. This ability is new and unrivaled in the marketplace and increases site and pedestrian safety to levels not previously reached!
  • AUDIBLE ALARMS:- you can choose from in-cab alarms and external alarms to alert the driver, people around the forklift truck, or both!
  • VISUAL ALARMS:- again the choice is yours from in-cab lights to external beacons it is up to you!
Not only do we have all of these options for alerting the driver but the fobs come with the option to vibrate, this way the fob wearer is also alerted to the nearby presence of a forklift truck or materials handling equipment, further increasing their safety.

We now have available, the ability to setup a working truck demonstration of the PWS system on one of your trucks! No more video or desktop presentations - a full working PWS system on your site!

 We can demonstrate all of the features available with the exception of the slow & stop (as this requires a more complex installation from our engineers)

To arrange your demonstration contact us now on: 0116 260 4200 or email Further information on the system can be found on our webpage:

 Article Date: July 2017

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