Pick and Mix Forklift Options From Transmon

Transmon Engineering claims its new range of iTEch ‘pick and mix’ options can improve safety and reduce overall cost for materials handling operations.

As well as being a UK-based company, Transmon Engineering, designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of add-on systems that are used in forklift truck operations to help improve efficiency, increase truck life and enhance safety levels. Transmon products include fleet management, forklift protection, cameras and forklift safety systems.

“The iTEch range has been designed to be integrated across the product range and Transmon customers can 'pick and choose' products in a modular way” explains Transmon Managing Director, Steve Coley. “Existing systems already active in their operations can be combined with the new systems and managed with new technology, helping to reduce the cost for the customer whilst adding more benefits to the operation.”

To enhance safety in operations where forklift trucks and pedestrians are required to work alongside each other, for instance, companies may choose a selection of Transmon safety systems including speed limiting systems, a pedestrian awareness system and perhaps a camera system.

Forklift operations that also involve pedestrians often require speed restrictions across the site, which can be achieved thanks to one of Transmon’s Speed iTEch Systems. Transmon’s iTEch Speed 1 System and iTEch Speed 6 System both enhance site safety by limiting the forklift truck’s travel speed. Each system detects that the truck is moving and then applies the throttle restriction to limit the truck speed. When the truck slows down, the limit is removed to allow full power for lift hydraulics.

Transmon's iTEch Zone Control System enhances safety by restricting travel speeds in designated zones, whilst maintaining productivity with higher travel speeds in lower risk areas. The system offers safe speeds in pedestrianised areas whilst keeping productivity at a maximum in lower risk areas. When the truck enters a ‘zoned area’, the system automatically switches to controlled operation and when the truck leaves the zoned area, the unit automatically switches to normal operation and the system defaults to ‘safe’. 

A Transmon speed system could also be supported by the iTEch PAS (Proximity Alert System), which helps to enhance safety by making forklift operators aware of a pedestrian’s presence. It can be fitted to almost any forklift truck and detects the presence of a pedestrian via an RFID active tag worn by workers onsite at all times. 
The iTEch Vision System, a camera system that offers excellent visibility to the operator from a standard driving position, could also be integrated. The camera is located on the vehicle and focuses on the area of sight required with an automatic iris compensating for the change in lighting conditions. The system enhances health and safety levels, reducing the amount of damage caused by miscalculations made due to human error and is ideal for vehicles operating at height, in cold stores or in yards.

To help reduce operational cost and to deliver multiple functionality at a lower price to the end user, Transmon has also developed iTEch Control, a combined package that includes iTEch Tyre, iTEch Speed 6 and iTEch Gear systems. All of these systems are available as single modules with individual functionality; the Transmon iTEch Tyre System reduces tyre wear, fuel consumption and associated cost, by preventing the operator changing direction whilst in motion; the Transmon iTEch Gear System reduces transmission wear and increases safety by monitoring road speed and automatically changing gears; and the Transmon iTEch Speed 6 System enhances site safety by limiting the forklift truck’s travel speed. The combined package can incorporate any two, or all three, of the systems, and gives the end user the combined. 

“While Transmon systems help to enhance the level of safety in a forklift operation, all Transmon iTEch systems must be used in conjunction with the correct employee training and necessary supervision,” explains Steve. “No Transmon system is designed to be an alternative to either of these measures, but should be considered an added safety measure.” 

UK based Transmon Engineering has developed its already successful iTEch range to enable materials handling operations to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and improve safety.

Transmon systems are easy to install and suitable for most forklift trucks. To find out more, please contact our Sales team. 

 Article Date: January 2014

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