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According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), every year, there are over 5000 accidents involving transport in the workplace. Transmon has developed a range of iTEch Speed systems to help reduce the likelihood of some of these incidents, by reducing forklift travel speeds.

"It is possible that many accidents could have been prevented simply by reducing travel speed," says Bob Warner, Sales Manager for Transmon. "By limiting the travel speed of a forklift with a Transmon system, site safety can be enhanced and the chance of a collision can be reduced." 

Over the last 20 years, Transmon has developed a range of speed systems to help prevent dangerous speeds in the workplace and prevent such accidents from happening. 

iTEch Over-Speed

The Transmon iTEch Over Speed monitors the speed of the vehicle and notifies the driver when the pre-set speed has been reached, by activating a beacon and a buzzer fitted inside the cab. As soon as the operator decreases the travel speed to the required limit, the buzzer and beacon will deactivate. 

"This is a useful as a reminder for operators who may not notice their speed increasing," says Bob Warner. "It can also help to alert forklift operation supervisors of any operators exceeding speed limits." 

 iTEch Speed 1 / 6

A more advanced and secure way of ensuring that speed regulations are adhered to is with the Transmon iTEch Speed 1 or Speed 6 Systems, designed for cable-operated and fly-by-wire throttles respectively. These systems detect the truck's travel speed, and when a pre-set threshold is reached, a throttle restriction is applied in order to limit the truck's speed. "This does not affect the power of the truck's lift hydraulics, as the throttle only operates whilst the truck is moving," explains Bob Warner. "Ramps and gradients are no problem either, because the restriction is not in place until the speed is reached." 

iTEch Zone

For larger sites that need more flexibility with truck speeds in different areas, the Transmon iTEch Zone System allows operations to set and enforce safe speeds in specific 'zones', whilst maintaining maximum productivity, with higher travel speeds where appropriate. The entrance and exit to a 'zone' requiring a reduced speed limit is fitted with a pair of coded radio transmitters and each vehicle is fitted with a receiver, so when the truck enters the zone, its speed is automatically controlled. The transmitters can be fixed to a wall, or ideally, cut into the floor (such as a fast-rise door loop) and, being radio, are not affected by sunlight, heat or dirt, unlike similar infra-red products on the market.  "This is a particularly useful solution for areas that require pedestrians to work alongside forklift trucks, or larger sites with different speed limits throughout," explains Bob Warner. 

iTEch Control

For operations where speed limitation is important but not the only requirement, businesses can select Transmon's latest product, the iTEch Control system. It combines the features of the Speed1/6 with transmission protection, by preventing hot-shifting while moving, which can cause severe damage to transmissions, and tyre wear reduction, by preventing wheel spin when changing direction. The unit is programmable from any laptop, and can be fitted to any forklift easily and quickly, with custom plug-and-play looms available for the most common forklift models. "The enforcement of speed limits, and reduction of transmission wear and tyre wear are what we have found to be most important businesses in order to reduce servicing costs and increase safety where forklifts are involved," says Bob Warner. "Now we have combined them into a single unit, these improvements are more affordable and accessible than ever." 

Check out the products in our Safety range to find one to suit your requirements and budget, or contact us at sales@transmon.co.uk for more information!

 Article Date: January 2015

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