Transmon QA Audit Success

Transmon Engineering Limited as a business have recently transitioned with Alcumus ISOQAR a UKAS accredited 3rd party certification services against the ISO 9001:2015 Management System Standard. This has been completed to the highest standards and well ahead of schedule thanks to some hard work and dedication from the team! 

So what is an Audit?

An ISO Audit is basic terms means checking to ensure you are actually doing what you say you are doing.

During an ISO audit you:

  • verify that the management system is in compliance with the relevant ISO standard
  • check to ensure that the actions taken to meet the quality objectives of the organisation are suitable
  • verify that any problems within the management system have been addressed
  • look for any improvements that can be made to the system

The ISO definition for an audit is:

A systematic and independent examination to determine whether quality activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve objectives.

There are 3 main types of ISO audit:

  1. First Party Audit – also known as an internal audit. These audits are usually conducted internally by your own staff (that are trained to carry out internal audits), or they can be carried out by an external company on your behalf if you do not have the internal resources.
  2. Second Party Audit – also known as a supplier audit. These audits are usually carried out by lead auditors with your organisation, and are designed to ensure that the companies that supply products/services to you are doing what they say they are doing. Again, these audits can be carried out by an external company if you do not have the internal resources.
  3. Third Party Audit – also know as a certification audit. These audits are always carried out by a Certification Body auditor. These audits are for the purpose of gaining certification to the relevant ISO standard by an approved body.


Audits can (and sometimes must) be conducted against any of the ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OH&S 18001, AS9100, ISO 13485, TS 16969, ISO 27001.

The organization shall conduct internal audits at planned intervals to determine whether the quality management system

a) conforms to the planned arrangements, to the requirements of this International Standard and to the quality management system requirements established by the organization, and

b) is effectively implemented and maintained

In summary, without an audit of your ISO systems, how can you prove that things are working correctly and being continually improve.

So this is great news for Transmon Engineering Ltd and something we are very proud of!

 Article Date: October 2017

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