Pedestrian Warning System
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Although fork lift trucks can be very useful pieces of work equipment they are also very dangerous and are to blame for more serious accidents at work than cars and HGV's combined.

According to statistics, every day of the year, a British worker needs hospital treatment after being injured by a fork lift truck, and one worker is killed every six weeks as a result of accidents involving them. Many more suffer very serious injuries.

In partnership with SiteZone Safety, Transmon Engineering Ltd can offer an Active RFID  Proximity Alert system, able to detect personnel and objects within a pre-determined safety zone around vehicles, machines and hazardous areas.

Key Components:

SiteZone Base Station:

The base station generates a detection zone or bubble around the vehicle. The size of the bubble can be varied to meet site requirements. The design allows for easy mounting ( magnetic brackets are also available) Single antenna option is suitable for most machines and the base station has a robust field-proven design.

Operator Display Unit:

The ODU performs a range of functions including alerting the machine operator to zone breaches and controlling authorised approaches. Different ODU options are available dependent upon vehicle type.

Personal Transponder - Tags:

SiteZone transponders are designed to be an integral part of personnel's PPE. There is no need to recharge or replace batteries in the unit. The transponders are available in a range of options including a helmet mounted vibrating version. They have a maintenance free, tamper proof design with a minimum expected battery life of 2 years.

External Alarm/Beacon Combo:

The alarm and beacon combo alerts any tag wearing personnel breaching a safety zone that they have done so, allowing them to retreat to a safer location. It also alerts others to the fact there has been an exclusion zone breach. This has a choice of alarm tones and volumes to suit all applications.

Oversite Telematics:

The Oversite system elevates the SiteZone system from a safety aid to a protective safety management tool. This add-on allows for real time reporting, cloud based analytics. You can accurately monitor interactions between mobile equipment and personnel and help to identify those most at risk and make positive steps to limit this ahead of time. There is a wide range of reporting available as well as tracking individual vehicle locations and movements.

Tag Test Station:

The Tag Test Station allows users to easily check that their transponder is working correctly. The unit also keeps a record of the tests carried out so that this can be logged and used to help monitor battery life and tag usage.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SiteZone PWS?

SiteZone PWS produces a detection zone around a vehicle, machine or even a restricted area.

When the detection zone is breached by personnel wearing a transponder, or a tagged asset comes within the zone, the machine operator is alerted to their presence and can take the appropriate action.
The main function of the system is to warn the machine operator to the presence of risk, as he is the only person that can stop the machine. However, to provide an additional tier of protection, there are optional warnings for pedestrians, including optional extra 2-way transponders with a vibration alert, much like a pager.

How does SiteZone work?

SiteZone generates an RF field (or bubble) around the vehicle. If the bubble is breached by a transponder wearing pedestrian then SiteZone generates appropriate alarms warning both the vehicle operator and pedestrian. This warning gives time for all parties to take necessary evasive actions. Multiple and concurrent breaches are recognised and all alarm events are data logged.

Are the tags serviceable?

All tags are tamper proof with no user serviceable parts. Service is on return to factory only. The long battery life and rugged construction provides reliable operation and removes the need for frequent service and repair of the transponder.

Where can it be used?

SiteZone is recommended for use wherever there is a safety issue and incident potential between personnel and vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Warehouse & Logistics environments
  • Aggregate sites and quarries
  • Waste management and landfill sites
  • Warehouses, especially NA applications
  • Scrap yards
  • Ports and docksides etc.

Can I "tag" static objects?

The simple answer is Yes!

If there is an identified onsite collision hazard then the application of a tag can give due warning to all SiteZone compliant machinery.

Am I limited to the number of tags that can be used on any one site?

The simple answer is No!

There is no limit to the number of tags that can be applied onsite. Each tag has its own unique identifier (which can be customised to suit the user) meaning that all alarm events that occur are uniquely identified and offers traceability to the personnel involved.

The tags are portable such that they will alarm any SiteZone system giving them the ability to be used on any site - an important feature for contractors working on large projects or quarrying / waste companies with many sites.

How do I know my personnel transponder is working?

Transponders can be tested by approaching a vehicle which has SiteZone system installed and confirming the alarm activates when the zone perimeter is breached. If using this method it is important the power to the machine is on but it can be approached safely e.g. deadmans handle engaged or handbrake on in neutral gear (static control).

Transponders can also be tested by using an office based transponder test unit. This requires passing the tag in front of the 'reader' which verifies the transponder integrity prior to its daily use.

What machines can use SiteZone?

SiteZone can be used with all types of construction plant and handling vehicles including, but not limited to:
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Wheeled loaders
  • Trucks
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Forklifts and container handlers
  • Telehandlers and more.

Can I "tag" a vehicle?

The simple answer is Yes!

If there is a need for vehicle detection then a tag can be fitted to the vehicle(s) in question. This reduces the possibility of vehicle-to-vehicle collisions and also makes it easier for smaller onsite vehicles (ATV, pickups etc) to be detected by the much larger onsite vehicles which usually have limited visibility.

What machines can use SiteZone?

SiteZone can be used with all types of construction plant and materials handling vehicles including, but not limited to: Excavator, wheeled loader, dozer, compactor, material handler, telehandler, forklift, dumper, truck, ATV, backhoe etc. If you are unsure of your vehicle application please contact us.

Can SiteZone be used to create exclusion areas on sites?

The simple answer is Yes!

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Document / Downloads

Proximity Warning System (230Kb)
SiteZone Brochure (1874Kb)

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