Road Speed Control
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The new iTEch Speed v2 has been designed to limit the travel speed of a forklift truck with a cable-operated throttle, by detecting that the truck is travelling above a pre-set speed and then applying a throttle restriction to limit the truck speed. As long as the truck is travelling below the pre-set speed, lifting is not affected.

The unit can be programmed with two separate speeds, which can be switched by, for example, the directional selector (giving a slower speed in reverse than forward), a key switch where the Supervisor holds the key, or our iTEch Zone or Proximity Alert systems. Due to its ability to give a proportional restriction (where if the speed begins to drop, the limit is relaxed gradually), the climbing of gradients is not affected either.


  • Suitable for IC and diesel vehicles with torque converter transmission
  • Suitable for conventional cable-operated throttles
  • Low maintenence - designed to be 'fit and forget'
  • Does not affect lifting or ramp climbing capabilities


  • Increased site safety
  • Vehicles cannot exceed set speed limit
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced damage and wear to vehicles
Road Speed Control

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