Speed Safety Zone
Part no.716-000


This system offers safe speeds in designated areas whilst keeping productivity at a maximum in lower risk areas. Each gate or exit has a fixed transmitter, which can be fitted in various configurations depending on the site requirements. Each truck has a receiver which can trigger additional functionality when it passes a transmitter - when the truck enters the zoned area, the system automatically switches to controlled operation, and switches back automatically to normal operation when the truck leaves again. In case of any faults or tampering, the system can be programmed to default to slow speed.


  • Can be fitted to any vehicle
  • Defined zoned areas
  • Tamper-proof
  • Robust design
  • Easily extendable to additional areas
  • Can be interfaced with iTEch Control or iTEch Speed units
  • Not affected by bad weather, sunlight, dirt or heating units


  • Increased site safety
  • Automatic enforcement of site speed limits
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced damage and wear to vehicles
System Operation
Two wires are installed into the floor of the desired entrance or exit, and connected to our wall mounted controller. The order in which these are detected by the receiver system installed on each truck determines in which the direction the truck is travelling, and therefore which speed it is allowed to travel at.

The system can also be wired into our iTEch Control or iTEch Speed or, if fitted, an built-in speed limiter or VMS (vehicle management system) / EMC (engine management controller).

If speed reduction is not required then warning devices (beacons & audible warning) can be triggered instead.

When the truck detects that it has entered the high speed zone, the dash mounted indicator shows YELLOW and the operator is able to select high speed via a dash mounted push button. In this area, the operator has the ability to manually toggle between high and low speed at any time.

When in high speed mode, the dash mounted indicator shows RED.

When the truck detects that it has entered the low speed zone, the dash mounted indicator shows GREEN and the truck defaults to low speed, automatically slowing down gradually.

Speed COntroller for forklift trucks in different zones

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Document / Downloads

Speed Zone System (249Kb)

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