Pedestrian Detection Solution Improves Safety at Forticrete

At Forticrete they move thousands of tonnes of concrete products each year. Much of their work involves rough yard duties and is suited to the robust, heavy-lifting power of torque trucks, but critically, they needed the Doosan forklift trucks to have automatic braking when reversing.

The sophisticated Transmon pedestrian detection system automatically applies the brakes if a person or obstacle is detected in the path of a reversing vehicle. The three-stage safety system warns with an alarm and flashing lights between 9m-5m from the object, automatically slows the forklift between 5m and 3m and on reaching 3m from the obstacle, the brakes are applied hard to perform an automatic, controlled stop. An override button which is fitted to the reverse grab handle allows the driver to proceed at a slow speed if the path can be navigated safely.

In addition to the new pedestrian detection system the Doosan trucks were all supplied to Forticrete fitted with additional safety features from Transmon including ‘blue spot’ and ‘red triangle’ projected warning light systems, seatbelt interlocks, door interlocks on the cab, a key-pad driver access and a delay timer (beacon time-out) for the flashing beacons that remains active for 15 minutes after the truck is switched off.

Watch our short video here.

“Safety is our top priority, and importantly, on the Doosan automatic braking system the vehicle comes to a complete stop; the Transmon system on the Doosan trucks is better and safer, and that’s absolutely critical to us.” Rob Lloyd, Production Manager, Forticrete