Speed Control Eliminates Damage to Engine Parts

Transmon Engineering were asked by its customer Etrak to provide a solution at a German luxury car engine manufacturing facility, to prevent tug trucks exceeding a safe speed down a ramp from a mezzanine floor.

At the bottom of the ramp the trucks needed to turn sharp left and if the speed was too high, this would cause the carriages to tilt or tip over allowing expensive engine parts to fall onto the floor and become damaged.

The Transmon solution was to install its low frequency zoning system to the ramp side rails at the top and bottom of the entry and egress to the ramp. The operation allowed for full speed going up the ramp as the incline offered a speed reduction through resistance. The zoning system then would ensure the tug trucks maintained a slow speed coming down the ramp when towing goods, to ensure the truck left the bottom of the ramp at a safe speed, preventing spillage and any potential damage to the engine parts.

Since this speed control zone solution was fitted, the manufacturer moved into a new facility and due its success, has re- installed the safety feature in the new plant.

speed control on ramp