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Steve Coley Managing Director of Transmon Engineering
Our Managing Director, Steve Coley, was already a time-served and experienced engineer when he came up with the original idea for what was later to become the first generation `Gear Savure`.

While working on an entirely different problem for a customer, he discovered that they were also having regular issues with operators `hot-shifting` and causing damage to the transmissions on their forklift fleet. The repairs were expensive, but the lost productivity was even more so.

Through his own research and electronics knowledge, Steve decided on the best solution, obtained work as a forklift engineer in order to test his theory, and soon came up with a prototype controller. The unit was fitted, and after extensive testing, the project was a success. Transmon was born.
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Now, over 20 years later, Transmon is still working closely with OEMs, distributors, dealers and end users of materials handling and plant equipment.

Our range of electronic control devices and fleet management systems is suitable for all types of industrial vehicles, and chosen specially to assist vehicle operators and managers in the most critical areas of day-to-day operations, such as reducing operator abuse, preventing stock and site damage, and improving efficiency.

As well as supplying tried and tested products from other manufacturers, we also research, develop and manufacture our own products, allowing the company to be innovative and flexible. We are proud to be ISO9001:2015 certified, and are happy to provide our products for self-fitting, or installation by one of our field engineers.

We are active members of BITA as well which gives us access to its members to enable us to support them better. 



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