Blue / Red LED Spot Alert
Part no.719-000


In a noisy environment full of distractions, such as a busy warehouse operation, making the presence of a forklift known can be surprisingly difficult. Modern forklifts travel at speed and are quiet. Stacks of produce or racking can obscure a pedestrian's vision which can lead to a decrease in site safety and the safety of pedestrians operating in the warehouse.

Transmon offers a range of Blue or Red LED safety lighting called 'Spot Alert' as a solution to this problem - a bright, rugged and flexible LED light provides a visual early warning, alerting pedestrians of an approaching forklift truck with a spotlight on the floor. The system is ideally suited to trucks operating in warehouse aisles or unclear cross-over areas, and for operations requiring pedestrians and forklift trucks to operate safely alongside each other.

The light is resistant to shock, vibrations and moisture, and the LED technology offers high light output while maintaining a low current draw.

Unlike audible warning devices, pedestrians and other drivers can see instantly where the trucks is and in which direction it is travelling, and many drivers and employees have expressed an improved acceptance of such visual warnings.

The lamp can also be connected to the iTEch PWS (Proximity Warning System) to be automatically triggered on the approach of a pedestrian / vehicle. The unit can also be mounted anywhere on the vehicle, multiple units can be connected due to the low power demands, and a flashing function can also be utilised, all depending on the customers individual requirements.


  • Spot beam pattern
  • UV-resistant poly carbonate lens
  • Can withstand shock and vibration and resistant to moisture
  • Rugged and long-lasting LED's never need replacing
  • Die-cast aluminium housing provides maximum protection
  • Universal mount
  • Energy efficient


  • Enhanced site safety through increased visibility of trucks
  • Reduced number of pedestrian injuries caused by forklift trucks
A blue LED light projected on the floor for improved site safety and pedestrian awareness

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