Proximity Warning Systems For Enhanced Safety

Proximity Warning Systems – Safeguarding Pedestrians and Building Infrastructure

With more inventory being held in warehouses due to the ‘Brexit’ effect and global supply chain issues, warehouse operators are under increasing pressure to maintain a safe and efficient site, not just for staff, but also to protect both the items held and the building’s infrastructure.

Pedestrian warning systems are a widely used technology to safeguard against collisions and accidents between forklift trucks and staff operating within the warehouse space. However, combining this technology with additional safety features targeted against collisions with stock and infrastructure can significantly enhance overall site safety.

Proximity Warning Systems offer significant benefits for warehouse operations by integrating technologies across forklift trucks, pedestrians and building infrastructure. These systems combine elements such as an integrated, adaptive speed control fitted to the forklift trucks which is then triggered by sensors in designated zones within the warehouse. This is matched with beacons in the corresponding areas and doorways which will alert pedestrians that there is a truck in the vicinity.

Just some of the benefits and features of integrated Proximity Warning Systems:

BUILDING Zones – fixed antennas provide:

  • Pre-warning and warning zones
  • Pedestrian badge muting zones
  • Ultra-wideband, up to 30 metre zones
  • Visual and acoustic alerts

GATE zones – fixed building antennas are used to create an electronic gate system for an area with limited access:

  • Enforce different speed zones
  • Restrictions apply outside of antenna coverage
  • Antennas are mains powered

SPOT zones – fixed building antennas are used in specific / localised hazardous areas:

  • Heighten awareness
  • Alert drivers and pedestrians
  • Apply drive and lift restrictions
  • Restrictions apply whilst in range of an antenna(s)
  • Suitable for doorways, walkways, congested junctions
  • Beacons/lights and sounders can be activated
  • Creep Speed options (truck directly or via TE controller)
Internal and external speed zones
Bespoke Solutions, Tailored To You

Transmon takes a highly detailed, consultative approach to working with our customers. We tailor all our solutions to match the individual requirements, to ensure forklift drivers, pedestrians and building infrastructure are all kept safe and operationally efficient.

Take your site safety to a whole new level. Find out more about Proximity Warning Systems  and contact us today. 


Forklift fitted with proximity warning system