3 Ways to Enhance Forklift Safety

3 Ways to Enhance Forklift Safety Through Integrated Technology

The role of forklift trucks is instrumental to everyday warehouse operations and they play a vital role in ensuring efficiency and productivity levels are maintained. So it’s inevitable that with numerous forklift truck operations, there is always a risk of collision with pedestrians working in close proximity, as well as with stock and building infrastructure.

There are many steps warehouse managers can take to improve overall site safety and in particular, for pedestrians. Creating designated pedestrian walkways, fitting mirrors on blind corners and carrying out regular training for forklift drivers and warehouse staff will all go some way to preventing a collision.

However, adding an element of integrated, smart technology builds yet another safety level to forklift operations:

1. A comprehensive Pedestrian Warning System is able to detect personnel and objects within a pre-determined safety zone around vehicles, machines and hazardous areas. Integrated to any type of forklift truck, the system can alert the driver of any potential hazard using sensor technology such as RFID or Ultra-Wide Band.

2. Active Reverse Systems have been designed to provide the driver with accurate information about the free space in front, behind and to the side of the forklift truck. The information the driver has will help him to navigate around the warehouse safely. This solution works through ultrasound, with sensor units mounted on the top, sides and rear of the forklift truck. These sensor units scan the space behind for a distance between 10cm and 9m, with the space divided into three zones, each with its own visual and acoustic signal.

Implementing this system using Active Reverse Radar sensors, drivers can receive in-cabin acoustic and visual alerts when pedestrians and objects are detected in the warning or danger zones.

To both these systems, it is also possible to add another layer of safety through the integration of a Speed Control System to slow the truck down automatically when it reaches a set distance away from an object.

3. Creating a dedicated Speed Safety Zone enhances warehouse and loading bay safety by restricting forklift truck travel speeds in each of the designated zones. This system offers safe speeds in controlled areas whilst keeping productivity at a maximum in lower risk areas.

Integrating technology-based safety features across your forklift truck fleet will enhance safety throughout the working environment for warehouse operations, production and manufacturing facilities, protecting your workforce, forklift truck drivers, stock and infrastructure all at the same time.

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