New Access Codes From Transmon

Transmon Engineering has launched the new iTEch KPA2 system to help enhance onsite safety and security for materials handling operations.

The new iTEch KPA2 System is a keypad access system designed to ensure that only authorised and trained drivers can access and operate materials handling equipment. It is easy to install on any type of forklift truck.

"The safety of all employees, drivers, pedestrians and visitors to site is paramount", says Steve Coley, Managing Director of Transmon Engineering. "By fitting keypad access systems to every forklift truck on-site, managers can ensure the risk of equipment being mis-used and causing accidents is significantly reduced."

Fitted to an IC (Internal Combustion) truck, the KPA requires a valid operator code to be entered on the keypad and the interface unit activates the ignition system. The operator then presses 'P' to start and stop the engine. Operating the truck push-stop safety switch on electric vehicles, will switch off the machine. Up to 50 pass codes can be programmed into the iTEch KPA2 System limiting access to only authorised drivers who are qualified to operate that specific truck.

The iTEch KPA2 System can also help to reduce cost, as a unique driver pass code removes the risk of an untrained driver operating the truck, and causing damage to either the lifting equipment or to the stock. It also heightens driver accountability, minimising driver abuse to the trucks, such as changing the gears whilst the truck is in motion.

In addition, Transmon's iTEch KPA2 can guard against forklift theft as it makes it more difficult to remove a forklift from a site.

"The strong and durable slim-line iTEch KPA2 system has been developed in a stainless steel case, which offers a further level of security", Steve Coley adds.

The KPA2 System is part of the new iTEch product range from Transmon, which was first released in 2012. Products in the iTEch range can be fitted to any make of forklift truck, and include the iTEch TDS601 fleet management system.

Transmon Engineering will be exhibiting at the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) at The NEC, Birmingham, 19th-22nd March 2013. IMHX is firmly established as the UK's premier intralogistics event, jointly owned by Informa Exhibitions Ltd and BITA (British Industrial Truck Association).

 Article Date: August 2012

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